On this page you will find several resources for learning about transhumance: the project results, a glossary of transhumance terminology, and many other resources such as the project leaflet, interesting articles and publications.


The leaflet introduces the project, institutions involved, objectives and prospective results. You are welcome to distribute the leaflet and to contact the project partners for more information.

Project Results


providing the following specific contents a) 9 National Reports about the current situation of transhumance (Germany, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain), b) 1 Summary Report enlarged with information about the situation in Europe in general as well as about the history and development of transhumance, c) e-glossary containing 25 definitions of topic-related key terms to enhance communication among different languages and cultures. It provides a translation of the terms into 10 languages

Case Studies

of best practice from successful transhumance practitioners. Specific results are presented through 21 case studies from 9 European countries (Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Spain)


for transhumance practitioners that will be available free of charge for self-learning. The training material will consist of the following resources: a) general information about transhumance in different countries. b) database of case studies of best practice, c) training modules.

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Download the Project Reports

National Reports